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Rings are the basic social structure in the tower. The tower inhabitants come together in rings sharing their own beliefs on where resources should be spent and what the long term goals should be. You can only be member of one ring at a time.

Making a Ring

To make a new ring, open the Assets window and click the Rings tab. Then click Make New Ring. A window opens where you can type the name of your new ring. You will automatically become leader of the new ring with rights to change other members' status by promoting/demoting or kicking them.

Note that if you are member of a ring already, you will leave that ring when you submit the new ring.

Ring Membership

When you have made the ring, you can invite other players to be members. To invite another player to a ring, the other player must be online, and you must be at the same location as him or her. Click on the other player and select Invite to ring. This opens an invite window at the receiving player, and he/she can accept or reject the invitation. If the invitee is already member of a ring, he or she leaves that automatically when accepting the new invitation.

All members can view the ring membership list. Click the ring name in the Assets window to open the ring window, and click a member to see membership status and other information about the ring.

Only leaders and managers may invite other members. The leader can promote other members to managers by looking up the ring member in the ring window and click Promote. Leaders can also demote or kick other members.

Ring Chat

You can use Ring Chat to communicate directly with your ring members. Type /ring in front of your message, and it will be sent to those members of your ring that are online.

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