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May 5th - The manual has been upgraded to a new version of WikiMedia, in order to make it work on the new server. So you're likely to run into thousands of bugs, so please have patience while I try to sort them all out. :)

April 27th - The manual (this thing here) will be going down for a brief period of time either tomorrow (the 28th) or the day after (the 29th), as I'm getting everything moved from one server to another, so if it dies on you, have no fear. It'll be back up again shortly. :) - Also, due to this, you may be able to expect some things to disappear, if they were added after the last minute backups that are taken before the data is moved.

April 10th - As of today, anonymous users are no longer able to edit pages. Please create a free user, if you wish to contribute. It doesn't take more than a minute.


This page is no longer in use. Please go to the Main Page.

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