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Since this is a public and volunteer run website, you can expect wrong-doings to be punished with IP bans, nothing less, as we/I don't have to have subscribers to survive, and I don't have a budget to maintain.

Before editing or inserting articles, please make sure run all your text through a word processor with spell checking, such as Microsoft's Word or the OpenOffice Writer to ensure spelling mistakes are kept to a minimum. As for the rest of the rules; use your common sense. Naturally you don't edit pages to insert advertising, nor do you mess up articles in any way. Be sure that what you submit is fact, rather than fiction as this is a manual that is supposed to help people, it's not a blog to be used for experiments.

Also, feel free to add to this Wiki, if you feel you have some special information you'd like to share with everyone. [Free registration is required]

Terms of agreement:

By adding to and viewing this site, you agree to the following:

  • Luu, or his website, is not responsible for any types of harmful content which may be put on this wiki. It is a public and freely editable site, and I honestly can't spend all my time looking at what people write here. If you wish to submit an article for re-evaluation, please feel free to send me a mail.
  • What you see on this site is freely editable and is in no way guaranteed to work. Errors can, and will, occasionally. If you notice an error in an article feel free to correct it or notify the author of the article, either by use of the discussion tab on the top of the page, or by writing in the user's talk function. (( ))
  • This site is for Seed related content only. If you notice any not game-related articles showing up, send me a mail, or tell me on IRC, and I'll deal with it. Do not start editing the article for the better or worse, as all changes back to the original article can be seen, and IP addresses as well as usernames of the people editing the articles are logged.
  • You are free to write any kind of article on this site, as long as it is Seed-related. If you wish to copy an article from another website, make sure you have the author's permission to do so. DO NOT POST COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL WITHOUT THE AUTHORS PERMISSION!
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