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Projects are medium to large scale player efforts to create new tools (e.g. Exposure Damage Kit), satisfy NPC stories (e.g. CPU Power Leech) or achieve even larger goals (e.g. Terraforming Da Vinci).

Adding a new project

Copy the Skeleton Project to create a new project.

In more detail, do the following (this is one way, at least):

1) Write the title of the project on the URL address line after "title=". Use _s to denote spaces.

2) When it tells you the page doesn't exist, choose "edit this page".

3) Open the Sceleton Project in another tab/window and select the "edit" tab (in the upper edge of the window).

4) Copy/paste the contents of the Sceleton Project to your Project.

5) Write your project info. You can "edit" other projects to see how to create links etc.

6) Save the page. That's it - it's automatically linked to the Project Category.

7) Keep updating the page whenever there's new information.

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