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See also the manual for Administration.


Voting takes place during a vote cycle of currently 2 days. During the cycle, tower inhabitants can vote for their choice of administrators for the machines and hardpoints. Each player account (not player character!) has a maximum of currently 7 votes for a cycle, and can distribute these votes on candidates as they choose.

In order to prevent mass voting just before the end of a cycle, unused votes are culled one at a time, at seven evenly spaced intervals. It's intended that when Seed launches, the cycles will be weekly, so this amounts to one vote per day that must be used, or lost.

Voting takes place at a TAU interface. These are distributed throughout the tower with one or two TAU units in each space. There is, for example, one in the RecSpace Garden, and one in each of the LabSpace Ringlabs. To vote, click on TAU and choose the View Votes entry. Select the vote in the list to the right and place your vote on the candidate you support.

All votes in the tower are accessible at each TAU interface.

Running for votes

If you want to be an administrator, you can run for a vote at any time during the vote cycle. Choose the vote from the vote list, and then click the Run for vote button. You are now a candidate for that vote. You can vote for yourself as well as others.

If you decide you don’t want to be an administrator after all, click the Withdraw button to cancel your candidacy. Any votes placed on you are wasted.

Note that the current administrator always automatically runs for the vote on that admin bit.

Resolving votes

When a vote cycle is up, all votes are resolved automatically. Winners and losers are informed by message, and administrator rights are automatically transferred, as are admin stashes etc.

If the vote is a tie, the admin bit stays with the current admin owner, and the candidates can try again during the next cycle.

If no one runs for a vote, the admin bit goes to TAU.

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