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Wiki Help

If you've never edited a Wiki before, this site uses the MediaWiki software package. Help on editing pages is located there, though perhaps an easier to read and get started document is available in Wikipedia.

While this site allows you to create and edit pages without an account, it is probably a good idea to create one for yourself to make it easier to see your edits in the History logs.

Creating your page

To create your page:

  1. Go to the Ring Directory page. If your Ring is listed, and the link is blue, it already exists, and you can skip the next steps.
    1. Click the [edit] link.
    2. Add the name of your Ring as a list item. You can use existing entries as examples. Please place your entry such that the list remains alphabetically ordered.
    3. Click the Show preview button to preview your changes.
    4. If satisfied, click the Save page button.
  2. Click on your Ring's name. It should take you to a page with a text entry box where you can create your page. If not, your page already exists, and you can just edit it.
  3. Put the text {{subst:Ring}} into the edit box, and click the Save page button. This will insert the template, and then you can edit it.

Editing your page

Clicking on either the Edit tab at the top of the page, or using one of the [Edit] links to the side of a section header will take you to a page editor, where you can enter your information.

If you want to start over cleanly, you can use the Edit tab, delete all the text, and use the last step of the Creating your page steps to reinsert the template.

Please try to keep your entry informative, and as non-controversial as possible. The intent is to provide a directory for players to find potential new Rings. You should have either a forum or a website set up to provide more information.

Administering your page

The nature of the Wiki is that anyone can edit any page, so keeping your entry neutral and non-controversial will hopefully limit any vandalism.

The history tab at the top of every page can be used to see what changes have been made, and to revert them if necessary.

Using the watch tab adds the page to your watchlist, if you have an account. However, this does not use email to report changes. You have to manually click the my watchlist link to see recent changes.

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