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During the Seed beta test, you will definitely encounter one or more of the Seed Errorcodes

Here follows a list of the current errorcodes, and their cause.

Errorcode 1

Unknown error. If you get this, make sure your client and launcher are fully updated. Try Verify/Update Gameclient or reinstall if it still shows up.

Errorcode 2

Your assets.q is in the wrong place (to be fixed soon)

Move it from WHEREYOUINSTALLEDSeedIN\q\PublicRelease to WHEREYOUINSTALLEDSeedIN\Code\Gameclient\win32\GameClient\q\PublicRelease

If you chose the default during install, then WHEREYOUINSTALLEDSeedIN is C:\Program Files\Runestone\Seed

Errorcode 5

Server down / non-functional.

Errorcode 10

Wrong username / password.

Errorcode 20

Account not activated.

Errorcode 30

Account banned.

Errorcode 40

Account already logged in.

According to recent patch notes, this errorcode should no longer exist.

Errorcode 50

Too many accounts currently logged in

Errorcode 60

Too many users trying to connect at once

Errorcode 1001

Could not initialize Ice (network proxies etc.)

Errorcode 1002

Could not initialize data cache

Errorcode 1003

Could not encrypt password/account name

Errorcode -1073741795 (Or similar)

Client has crashed.

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