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This is a list of the default keyboard shortcuts.

Note: LMB and RMB refer to the left and right mouse button, respectively.


  • LMB - Go to location
  • W - Move Forward
  • A - Turn Left
  • D - Turn Right

Camera control

  • RMB drag - Rotate camera view
  • Ctrl-LMB drag - Move camera view (while held)
  • S - Stop moving and center camera behind character (while pressed)

Assets window

  • F3 - Open Inventory tab
  • F4 - Open Persons tab
  • F5 - Open Waypoints tab
  • F6 - Open Nuggets tab
  • F7 - Open Inbox tab
  • F8 - Open Rings tab

Text Input window

  • Return - Open Text Input and Chat Log windows and if closed
  • Down arrow - Browse back in Text Input
  • Up arrow - Browse forward in Text Input


Note: Seed distinguishes between Left and Right Ctrl, so in order for the following commands to work, you must use Left Ctrl only.
  • Ctrl-B - Submit a Bug Report
  • Ctrl-I - Invert Mouse's Y axis
  • Ctrl-Q - Exit the game client
  • Ctrl-R - Toggle Run/Walk
  • Ctrl-W - Set a Waypoint
  • Ctrl-Z - Displays your position in the console window. For location specific bug tickets or reports, devs want your "Global Position" which will be three numbers looking something like: 53.0688 75.714 -25.2474 which happens to be a spot in Cluster Canyon
  • Ctrl-F3 - Save subwindow positions and sizes
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