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Inspirations are the random insights and sudden flashes of genius that strike the brilliant DaVincians as they perform their daily work or toil on their great project. In gameplay terms Inspirations serve the same purpose as random dropping items do in most other MMORPGs. They are a randomised reward that you can get when performing various tasks in Seed.

Some of the simplest Inspirations in the game are just flat skill training bonuses. Using a skill may give you a new idea that supplements your daily training, and this translates into a raw training bonus allowing you to learn that skill just a little bit faster.

But Inspirations can do more that this. Some may be able to provide training bonusses to several skills. Some may make it possible to learn certain skills. Some may allow you to fake having a higher skill as a one-off thing. Some may make it possible to complete a difficult Design. Some may give you a completely new Blueprint. Some may allow you to start a new Project, or be required to further an existing one.

Since Inpirations can be so diverse, you may not be able to make use of all your good ideas, but happily you will be able to tell other people about most of them, thereby trading them. Some Inspirations may not even be used by the character that finds them, but only by another character that is told the idea (Given the Inspiration).

Acquiring Inspirations

The Inspirations that you receive are based on the skill requirements of the tool functions that you use. You have a chance to receive one in one of those skill when you activate the tool.

The starting tools will only give you Basic Repair inspiration drops, but, for example, use the Self Diagnostic function of a CPU Crash Kit (which requires Electronics) and you might gain an Electronics Inspiration, or use the Microfiber Swabbing function of a Spill Kit (which requires Hazmat) and you might gain a Hazmat Inspiration.

Inspirations gathered in this way are rated in skill training time, from 0.5-1.0% of the total time required for the character's next level. If level 5 (the maximum) has already been reached, the the time required to train level 5 is used instead.

Applying Skill Inspirations

In order to use a skill boosting inspiration, simply open your Skills menu, and drag the Inspiration from your Assets window onto the skill with the same name for a slight boost. Ensure that the skill which coresponds to the inspiration is selected before droping or an error message will appear.

Known Inspirations

  • Basic Repair - Boosts your Basic Repair skill
  • Electronics - Boosts your Electronics skill
  • Engineering - Boosts your Engineering skill
  • Hazmat - Boosts your Hazmat skill
  • Mechanics - Boosts your Mechanics skill
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