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April 2006

The official patch patch notes for April 2006 are located at

April 12, 2006

Things you'll be able to enjoy now:

  • Hopefully fixed "ghosting", which meant that sometimes an actor would be invisible on certain clients and not on others.
  • Added more sound markup
  • Launcher properly recognized more error codes
  • Added stories - more on this from AlexK

Things you'll benefit from later

  • Made a lot of framework for stories and other gameplay
  • Added some debugging information to help us fix the many strange texture hiccups, you see from time to time

We proudly present two new templates for your playing pleasure:

  • "You New Around Here?"
    If you run into an NPC with this story, it will ask you to tag along to the garden. Once in the garden, it will offer to introduce you to another player. If you accept, it will take you to the player. Before it leaves it will encourage you to look it up again and maybe lend it a hand.

    This is the first basic skeleton of the introduction story, and it isn't particularily clever at this point. Later iterations will feature introductions to passing players and locations you move through, plus the ability to detect if player lags behind or disappears.

    IMPORTANT: Currently you can only run this story once per character.

    The following NPCs have it:
    • Mohit (recSpace)
    • Murthy (recSpace)
  • "Repair Gang"
    If you emote WHATSUP to the NPC, it should offer you to do a round of repairs with it. If you say "yes" (without a slash), it should start walking around on the lookout for a nice repair job. Stick close to it. Once a repair job is reached, the NPC will suggest you fix the repair job. It will also keep you company underway.If you finish the repair job, it should ask you to come fix another one.

    The following NPCs have it:
    • Masi (recSpace)
    • Kartik (recSpace)

April 6, 2006

  • Chimpbots now patrol the halls of RecSpace.
  • An exclusive collection of wearable items - hats, goggles, face masks - available in a Sharepoint near you.
  • New splash screens and progress bar.
  • NPCs in LabSpace-RinglabB pause as long as you are talking to them. (Timeout 20 secs).
  • More window positions are saved: Skills, Create message, Ring info, Camera window. Some of them have slightly offset positions on re-login.
  • Window positions saved on logout.
  • Continuous parsing of text input disabled for faster typing.
  • "Give" entry in inventories on pie menus - click on a person, then select "give" to give the object to that person.
  • Merge/split components implemented.
  • Leaders of a ring can promote a handler to leader.
  • Leaders of a ring can leave a ring - new leader will be appointed among remaining members (manager or supporter with longest membership).
  • Ring window show online status of ring members.
  • Closeup cam window and person assets in asset window show various parameters for relationship to an NPC.
  • Sample items (e.g. blood sample) should now only be applied once.
  • Inserted more exception handling in client to track mysterious client crashes.
  • Changed error code 3 to error code 1003, since error code 3 was ambiguous.

Known Issues

  • Radlocks: Entering a radlock might still crash your client, especially if you have wearables on. Workaround: Please remove all loose objects before entering the radlocks, and don't move or talk while being teleported.
  • Trade: Cancelling a trade involving components will cause the component widgets to be disabled (greyed out) in the inventory. Workaround: Log out and in again to unlock the components. To prevent the problem, drag components out of the trade window before cancelling.
  • Sharepoints: Retrieving components frequently causes lag.
  • Inventory not updated: Sometimes when trading/retrieving from Sharepoints, the inventory is not updated. Workaround: Close the inventory and re-open. You might have to log out and back in sometimes.

April 3, 2006

  • Rings: Ring functionality up again after changes to data format. As mentioned earlier, you will have to re-create old rings. Some features are not done yet, e.g. descriptions for rings, but leave/promote/ringchat etc. should work. Note that a short version of the ring name is shown on character mouse-over.
  • Character creator: Pressing "Enter" in the name field will create a character instead of giving an error message.
  • Signposts: The Pathfinder signposts now show directions to nearest zone.
  • Repair: Activating a repair function now properly starts the repair cycle. It does not stop when that repair is done - you have to click on the function again.
  • Text widgets: A clipping bug is fixed, so text widgets (story log, chat log, etc.) now display properly.
  • Database: Some database updates made to prepare for wearables. No game effects yet.
  • Graphics
    • LabSpace: Fixed "open" damage holes. It should now no longer be possible to get the camera outside the world though damage holes. If you manage to slip out through a damage hole, please report it as a bug.
      • note : This is NOT the implementation of a new camera collision. Slipouts may still occur in other places.
    • LabSpace: Fixed Cargo Lift. Lift now no longer runs through zone borders. It is now a telescopic lift. It *should* no longer randomly and partially disappear. If it does, please report.
    • LabSpace: Closed a few gaps in hallways. There might still be more though. Report them when you find them.
    • LabSpace: New cargo loading system in Silo. Unaccessible to players, but at the silo top, you will notice cranes designed to bring cargo to Labspace.
    • RecSpace: Fixed some missing geometry in Double Stairs Zone.
    • RecSpace: Fixed "open" damage holes. It should now no longer be possible to get the camera outside the world though damage holes.
    • RecSpace: Fixed a problem around Lockerhalls zone change, with some wall segments that belonged to the wrong zone, causing the camera to slip outside occasionally. If you manage to slip out through a damage hole, please report it as a bug.
      • note : This is NOT the implementation of a new camera collision. Slipouts may still occur in other places.
    • RecSpace: Fixed tree crowns going through the walls into the garden hallways.
    • Canyon: CanyonB modelled and vertex painted. CanyonA, CanyonE, TubeCentral vertexpainted. Various pathfinder fixes.
    • General: Optimizations to textures. Should result in faster loading, smaller assets, and general better handling of graphics.
    • Optimized some meshes by instancing them. Should improve general graphical performance, as well as produce smaller assets.

Known Issues

  • Sharepoint: When retrieving from a sharepoint, the object retrieved does not appear in the open Assets window. Workaround: Close the asset window and re-open.
  • Priority Vouchers: Ordering a priority job updates the number on a voucher to 0, but the voucher is then broken and might crash your client.

Workaround: It should work to log out and log back in, but we recommend NOT ordering priority jobs at the moment!

  • TAU: On mouse-over, the clamps and label for TAU are displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. Workaround: None - you can still interact with TAU and use the pie menu entries.
  • TAU ring view: When looking at a ring through TAUs ring view, members are shown with a "<Not showing status>" text or similar. Workaround: None. This will later show online status for rings you are a member of.
  • Repairs: If you have activated one function, you might have to click on the function label to stop this function before you can activate another function on this tool. Wait for a bit to make sure the first function has stopped.
  • Radlocks: Entering a radlock often crashes your client. Workaround: Log back in - wait until the graphics are fully loaded before moving around.
  • the cargo lift in Labspace Silo, might still (partially) disappear.

Patches for March 2006

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