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Player Interaction

Talking to other players

There are several ways of communicating with other players.

If you want to say something with a specific target, you click on your target and use the text input to make your sentence. Use /talk for regular sentences. The person you clicked on will appear in your camera frame in the top right to show you who you are currently talking to. Press Enter to send your sentence – it will appear in a speech bubble above your head, and the text will also appear in your chat log. All other players in the vicinity (your zone and neighbour zones) will hear what you say when you use /talk.

You can also direct your speech at a specific player with no one else overhearing. Type /tell <text> in front of your sentence to keep it confidential. Using /tell you can talk to players anywhere in the tower.

A third way of communicating live with other players is to use the Ring Chat, if you are in a Ring with them. Type /ring in front of your sentence, and it will be sent to those members of your ring that are online.


You can use emotes to express your feelings and interact with others, using your body language. Type /<emote> to make the emote. You can type text after the emote name to make your emote with accompanying speech. Emotes and emote speech are visible to all around you.

List of Emotes


If you want to trade objects with other players, click on the other person and select Trade in the pie menu. This opens a window where you can drag items, blueprints, components, etc. for the other player. Click Confirm or Cancel to go through with the trade or cancel it. You can’t trade access points with other players.


You can also use the in-game message system to communicate with other players. Open your asset window and click the Message tab. Then click New Message, type the recipient's name in the appropriate box, and type your message in the window. The receiver will get a notification at once if he/she is online, and can read the message in his/her inbox.

The message system also works for bug reporting. Type "bugreport” as recipient and the message will be sent to our support mailbox. You can open this through the Game Menu as well – it’s the bottom button in the launcher on the left side.

Using items on players

Some items can be used on other players to, e.g., draw blood samples for analysis. Target the person by selecting Target' in the player pie menu, then equip the item and click on the function you want to apply. The resulting component, e.g. blood sample, will appear in your inventory.

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