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In Seed, you can produce your own items for research and repair. To produce something, you need a blueprint, some components, and a factory machine with the right functions. You also need skills at the right levels, depending on the blueprint. You can produce components and materials as well as items, so you can start from the bottom of a production chain and work your way up to the most complex items.

Blueprints and components

To obtain a blueprint for production, you can either get it from another Seedling, or you can retrieve it from a share point. These sharepoints are located across the Seed Ship. You can find one of them in the Garden; which is near the Recspace Radlock that leads to the Canyon.

Click on the Blueprint tab in the right side of the sharepoint interface, then on the name of the blueprint you want to retrieve. The top left side of the screen will show your selected blueprint with sliders for selecting how many you want and a button for retrieving the blueprint. It also shows how many access points will be deducted.

The Info button opens a window with information about the blueprint – which components and how many access points are needed to produce it, what are the required skill levels and factory functions, etc.

When you have retrieved a blueprint, you can also examine it by clicking on the blueprint icon in your inventory and selecting Examine in the pie menu.

You can retrieve the necessary components for the blueprint from the sharepoint as well. Remember that more than one of each component might be needed.

Factory Machines

Factory Machines provide functions for producing components and items. The Examine entry in the factory pie menu opens a window showing available functions. Compare with your blueprints to see if the factory can produce what you need.

The Use entry in the factory pie menu opens a window with current production jobs. To insert a blueprint in the machine, drag it from your inventory to the left side of the window. Red text will show you what is missing for you to start the production job – functions, skills, or components.

If nothing is red and the Accept button is enabled, click it to start the job. You can increase the number of items produced in one batch by clicking the sliders next to the Accept button. The required components are automatically removed from your inventory.

When your job is in the queue, it will automatically be started when the queued jobs before it are done. Selecting a job in production shows a progress bar with the time left, and how many units are currently produced. You can cancel a job any time by selecting it and pressing the Cancel button in the bottom right of the screen. This will return the required components and access points to your inventory. If you cancel a job that has begun, you will, however, only cancel the units not done yet.

Once your job is done, you will receive an inbox message. You can then go to the machine, select the Completed tab on the right side and drag your completed units to your inventory. The units do not time out, so you can keep them there for as long as you need.

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