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Note: This article and Repairs are somewhat ambiguous

Repair Jobs

Around the tower you will find a number of repair jobs.

Some repair jobs are attached to service hatches in the walls or floors. These repair jobs are a result of damages occurring over time due to bad maintenance or damage events from other parts of the tower.

On mouse over, the repair job will show how much damage the repair job has currently taken. You can see more information if you click on the repair job and select Examine. This will open a Repair job examine window with information about the types of damages.

To find the right item for a repair job, you can examine items in the same way – click and select Examine to see the types of damages the item has effect on.

Your newly created character should have a basic repair tool in his inventory (the brain icon in the launcher bar). It can fix a limited number of damage types and is not very efficient, but it can get you started on the repair tasks.

When you have the right item, you can start fixing the repair job. Click on the repair job and select Target in the pie menu. This repair job is now your target. It will be untargeted if you move away from it or select Untarget in the pie menu.

Next, equip the item you want to use. An equipped item will appear in one of the Equip windows on the right side of the screen.

The labels below the item names represent functions you can apply. Click on a label to apply the function to your target repair job. If the function can be applied, the label will show a progress bar, telling you when you can use that function again.

The vertical bar to the left has a thin and a wide part, visible when you use the item. The thin part represents stress to the item, and increases as you use the item. If it reaches the top, the item will take permanent damage, shown as a wider bar. If permanent damage reaches top, the item is broken and cannot be used until you repair it in a sharepoint.

When you apply an item function to a repair job, one of the damage bars will decrease if the function has effect. Repeat this with various items and functions until all damage bars are gone. Then the repair job should disappear, and the service hatch appears to indicate that the installations below are now in working order.

When you have finished a repair job, you will receive access points as a reward. If several people fix the same repair job, all of them will receive the full reward if they are still near the repair job.

I (Teao) reported a the fact that the bars on repairs respawn one at a time and each time an extra bar spawns it resets the prior one or two. Haller sent the following response:

"This is working (almost) as intended."

A service hatch (and therefor a repair job) consist of three bits that can get damaged in different ways. Each these bits have their own lifetime, and when it runs out a new damage is caused and the repair job respawns. However currently all bits in all states have the same lifetime (barring a little randomisation). Therefore all bits will runs out at almost the same time, causing the repairjob to repeatedly respawn in close succession. This should change once we start modifying and balancing the repair data.

Regarding the reset of the damage on a respawn that is also intended. It is a sort of punishment for not completing repairing the damage before it got worse. However we will be adding effects that will warn a potential Damage Controller that a repair job is about to get worse, and we will propably also be adding skills that can temporarily stop a repair job from developing, insulate it from nearby damages etc.

Hope this clears up what is happening. If it is still an issue when we have made the changes I've mentioned, please report the bug again.

Other types of repair jobs

Some repair jobs appear on machines or empty hardpoints. These repair jobs represent the work necessary to install new functions or machines. When fixing these repair jobs, you will receive rewards as with damage repair jobs, but the effect of fixing them will be that a factory machine is either installed on an empty hardpoint or that a new function bit is installed on an existing factory machine.

See the document about Administration gameplay for more information about building and modifying machines.

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