Slash Commands

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Slash Commands

A Slash Command is any command that can by entered into the message window by preceding it with a forward slash - "/".


List of communication related Slash Commands:

  • /RING <message> - send a message to all Ring members
  • /SAY <message> - send a public message
  • /TELL <username> <message> - send a private message


Emotes are a means for players to engage in non-verbal communication. Most emote actions will play a character animation, and also send a non-verbal message to the chat window. Emotes can be generic, or targeted, for instance:

Generic Emote

Vogt waves to everyone

Targetted Emote

Vogt waves to Luu

Also, some emotes can be used to reflect the player's emotional state, and these will fix an expression on the player's face. NPCs may react in response to player emotions and an NPC's mood can be influenced by player emotes.

List of Emotes

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