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Tower layout

The tower consists of several parts. As a player, the most important parts are the clusters, consisting of several spaces, each with their own characteristics, split into zones.

Names for machines, administration bits, etc. contain the name of the cluster, location, and zone where the machine or bit belongs. An example could be an admin bit named C1-LS1-RLA-Bit02, meaning that it belongs in Cluster 1, Labspace1, Ringlab A, and it is Bit Number 02.


The top of your screen will display your current location, updated regularly. It also displays your name, and, in the beta version, a BETA VERSION tag.

You can create waypoints to specific locations in the tower. If you are in Ringlab A and you want to make a waypoint, you click ctrl-w to bring up the Waypoint window. Here you can type in a name and click Create to save the waypoint.

When you want to use your waypoint, you open the Asset window in the launcher panel on the left side of the screen. Click on the waypoint tab and then click on Goto for the waypoint you want to go to. Your character now automatically walks (or runs) to that location. Note that the character might choose a different path than the one you originally used!

Switching spaces

There are currently 3 spaces in Seed: RecSpace1, which is where you start, Canyon1, and LabSpace1. Switching spaces take place in Radlocks, which are located around the edges of the spaces with approximately 2 in each space.

To get to a new space, enter a Radlock and wait for your character to disappear from the screen. If the Radlock door is closed wait until it opens, then enter. When your character reappears, he/she should be in the Radlock in the other space. Now wait for the Radlock door to open again. Note that your character might have changed orientation while being transported, so you might be facing the wrong way. The door that opens, whichever end it opens in, will lead you to the new space.

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