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Guide for the Really New Player (by jeffm)

OK, so you’re logged in, you’ve created your character and your character has spawned into the game. This section is to help the new player get started by answering the two basic questions: “What do I do now?” and “How do I do something?”

What do I do now?

1. Move. Left click on the floor. You will see a “traffic cone” object appear and your character should move to that spot. Or you can use the A, W and D keys to move.

2. If you have lag problems, try to leave the immediate spawn-in area. Go down one of the corridors. You may have to go 3 or 4 corridors away for the lag to reduce. For the moment, don’t worry about where you are, just leave the immediate area if you have lag problems.

3. On the left of your screen are buttons, left click the top two: when you hover your cursor over them, one is called Equipped Items and looks like a hand holding a wrench, and the other is called Assets and is your inventory of items.

4. In Assets you will see your tools and wearables. If it's not already pressed, press the left most button showing a wrench across the top of the Assets window to see your tools. Left click the Rigger Kit tool (looks like a green sphere) and then press the “eye” button to examine it. There is a symbol or icon in the small window that opens, and the name of the tool. The icon will be one of the following dmg_structure.gif, dmg_electric.gif, dmg_electronic.gif, dmg_mech.gif dmg_contanim.gif. Left click the "Rigger Kit" tool (used for the dmg_structure.gif Repairs) again, and press the Equip button which looks like a hand holding a small blue box.

5. Now look on the right of your screen. Two small windows popped up when you pressed the Equipped Items button earlier. You will notice in the top one that when you pressed the Equip button earlier, that you put that tool, the “Rigger Kit” in one of your hands. You can see its tool name, Socket Swapping, in the list just below the words “Rigger Kit”. Hover your cursor over the words Socket Swapping. You will see a yellowish tan box pop up that says “Refit and Calibrate ...”. This box is the command area you will press (left click) when you are ready to work on a job that needs Socket Swapping to be applied.

How do I do what I need to do?

1. The first thing you should do is look for a repair job. There are jobs in the initial spawn-in area, and in areas that you may have moved to that are not corridors. They are on the walls, or below the walls on the floor, usually called Service Hatches. Look for jobs by running your cursor over them, that have only the following: a blue, purple or a red line. Ignore jobs with a green, tan or orange line. You don’t have the tools or the skills to complete these jobs. These colors, blue, red and purple represent the types of work that need to be done to repair the item. They also match the three initial tools that you got in Assets when you first spawned in that you have the skills to use.

2. Find a job that needs at least a purple line so you can use your equipped tool, the Rigger Kit.

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A structural repairjob

3. Target the job. You do this by running over close to the job. When you are there, click the lower end of the job closest to your feet. Two symbols will come up. You want to press the Target button that has the arrows on it.

4. Once you have targeted the job, move your cursor over to the equipped tool. Hover your cursor over the name of the tool, in this case “Socket Swapping”. When the yellowish tan box with the words “Refit and Calibrate ...” comes up, left click the words.

5. Your character will begin working with the Rigger Kit.

6. Notice that as your character works, the purple color bar of the job is being replaced with a white area in the bar. The white area represents your work at reducing the repair job’s damage. When the white completely fills the status bar, your work with that tool is done. When the job is done, press the yellowish tan box again to stop work.

7. You may want to stop work before the job is complete as your tools will wear as you use them. You tell if your tool is wearing by looking at the Equipped Dialog box on the right of your screen with the words “Socket Swapping” in it. To the right of these words is a vertical white bar. As you use the tool, the bar will fill from the bottom with a brownish color growing upwards in it. The more you use the tool, the higher the color will rise in the box. If the box fills to the top, the tool will begin to have permanent damage as indicated by the vertical box above the red star on the left. If you allow your tool to get permanent damage, you will have to repair it at a Sharepoint (closest one to initial spawn-in point is in the Garden). So, don’t let the brown fill line get that high in the vertical bar on the right. Tools do self-repair over time and that is why the brown fill line drops at times.

8. If the job has it, finish the job by equipping Piping System Gear or CED Kit, if the job has blue or red lines respectively. When the job is complete, the colored lines will disappear, the job graphics will change, and you will no longer be able to Target the job. Your character should stop working. If it does not, click the yellowish tan command box that appears next to the tool name when you hover your cursor over the tool name.

Reward. When the job is complete, you will receive Access Points. Access Points are the Seed equivalent of money and give you access to things, such as new tools. Open your Assets. At the bottom of the Assets window is the current total of Asset Points you have. Close this window.

Inspirations. As you work with a tool, you may gain extra insight into how to use the tool better. When this happens, you will gain an Inspiration in your Assets. (Sometimes, Inspirations are referred to as Info drops.) Inspirations can be used to add to your skill training (see below). Currently not implemented in Retail


Skills are the learned skills you acquire to help you use more specialised equipment, perform special tasks, provide bonuses to repairing or new abilities.

Click the Skills button on the left of your screen. It looks like a piece of paper with a blue ribbon on it. Train your first skill by clicking on a skill in the lower half of the window, and then on the Train button (if you don't know which skill to train, select Basic Repair since it is useful for many characters, and won't take all that long to learn). The progress bar will start to fill with blue showing how you are progressing in learning that Skill. By leaving the pointer over the bar, a mouse tip will appear showing how much time remains before the skill is trained. The time it takes to train a skill depends on its difficulty and level. Skills will train even if you log out of the game.

The upper right section of the skills window shows you all the skills and abilities that require the displayed skill. If you have already reached the required level, the skill or ability will be shown in green, otherwise it will be red. You are only shown those that you have gained, or those from the next level that is required.

You can select a new skill to train before the first skill finishes training - the time spent in the first skill will be saved.

If you obtained any Inspirations from your work repairing, you may drag and drop them on the related skill to gain a little extra training (about 1% of the time to the next level).

The choice of which skill to train will depend on your preferred career path. Information on the available Skill Trees can be used to guide your choices.


That’s it!! You’ve completed your first job, earned your Access Points, and have started training a new skill.

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