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  • Administrator - a colonist who has been voted for and won the right to control bits and machines.
  • Admin Bit - see Bits.
  • Bit - Administrators control one or more Admin Bits, which hold one or more Hard Points. Bits have a resource flow that must be managed carefully.
  • Canyon, The - the canyon where the Tower has been built by TAU.
  • Chimpbot - Repair droids that wander the corridors of the Tower.
  • Cooldown cycle - Unit of time used to measure the effectiveness of tools.
  • Colonist - Human inhabitants of the terraforming Tower.
  • Da Vinci - an unspecified planet orbiting the star Beta Hydri.
  • DPC - Acronym for "Damage (Repaired) Per Cooldown Cycle"
  • Floatbed - Machine used by TAU to hatch humans. Colonists use Floatbeds to restore body nutrients and chemistry to acceptable levels.
  • Hard Point - Structural bases for machines; one Hard Point can contain one machine or micro factory.
  • Machine - Either a factory or sharepoint; mounted on a Hard Point.
  • Monowrapper - Commonly used structural repair tool. Dispenses various glues and tapes.
  • Outside - Slang for any area outside the Tower.
  • Ring - cooperative group of colonists.
  • Ring member - a colonist with full access to a ring's stash. A colonist can only be a member of one ring at a time.
  • Ring supporter - a colonist with limited access to a ring's stash. A colonist may be a supporter of more than one ring.
  • Seed - Slang term for colonist
  • Seedling - Slang term for colonist
  • Steambath - Recreational area where calming, recreational drugs are suspended in steam to relax stressed colonists.
  • TAU - Terraforming Administration Utility - artificial swarm intelligence that controls the Tower
  • Tower - terraforming structure that houses the colonists
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