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Command Quick Reference

Note: In this manual, click means left-click” unless otherwise specified. It also means “release the mouse button” unless otherwise specified. A pie menu is a context-sensitive menu with round menu entries, appearing on in-game objects and GUI widgets.
  • Move – Click on the floor or use W, A, and D keys to move.
  • Rotate cam – Hold down right mouse button and move mouse
  • Zoom – Use scroll wheel. Make sure you have focus in the main window, since scrolling also scrolls text etc.
  • Tool windows – The launcher panel on the left gives access to various in-game tools such as text input, skills, inventory, bug reports, in-game messages, etc.
  • Talk – Open text input from left side launcher panel and type. Use /talk for public communication and /tell for private. Target a specific player by clicking on him/her.
  • Ring Chat – Type /ring to chat directly with other online members of your ring.
  • EmoteList of Emotes. Click on an actor to direct the emote at him/her. Type a text after the emote if you want to add speech to the emote.
  • Trade – Click on another player and select Trade in the pie menu. Drag objects from inventory to trade window.
  • Navigation – Click ctrl-w to create a waypoint in your inventory for your current location. If you open your inventory later and find the waypoint in the list, you can click the “goto” button next to the waypoint to move back to that location.

Comprehensive Lists

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