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This is a museum wiki full of old and outdated informations that we liked to protect.

Important topics

How-To Guides

  • Your First Day - Not too technical, not too long guide for your first day with Seed.
  • First Day Guide - [BETA!~] Step-by-step guide on how to survive your first log-in to the Seed beta
  • Repair Tips and Tricks - An expert at the basics of repairing? Learn how to maximise your repairing skill!
  • Being An Administrator - Step-by-step guide to begin your career as an adminstrator
  • Inspirations - An overview of what Inspirations are and how to apply them
  • Repairs - A quick rundown of how to fix things around the tower

Technical Topics

  • Errorcodes - This is some nice-to-know information about the various errorcodes that the game might produce.

Game Controls

Information Database

Patch Notes

The official patch notes are located at

Game Manual

The Knowledgebase over on the official Seed site now has a game manual, which is mirrored here with permission. Note: these are not final versions of an official manual


A directory of established Rings has been created. Leaders of these Rings are welcome to update their pages (Here's how.)

Other Seed topics

  • Backstory - The backstory of Seed. This is where we all come from.
  • Glossary - Run-down of the in-game jargon.

Various off-site links

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